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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Darren Mullan Forever Friend

This is my song which won the Akademia Music Award for "Best Country Song" for April 2018. A great job made of my song by Darren Mullan​ who also produced and recorded the song in Adelaide.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What Did You Mean - Lauralei

Another great song from song-writing duo Colin Gordon-Farleigh and Greg Scheer, sung by the fabulous Lauralei. This song is one of eleven great songs from her debut album, "Questions" which is available to download from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. Check it out today.

'Momma Knew How To Pray' - Gary McCray

Like Country Music? Well, here's a gteat song from my good friend Gary McCray for you to enjoy, over and over again.

Wild Horses (Beneath the Raging Moon) - Byron J Bryce

Time to enjoy a bit of real Country Music and set your feet a-tapping! A great song for line-dancing to.


Have a really happy day today!

'QUESTIONS' sung by Lauralei

Requiem for a Friend

I recently lost my good friend, Barbara, for whom I was named as next-of-kin, as I also was for her late husband Gordon, who passed away almost four years ago. She was quite severely disabled, and I was her main carer, along with my wife, for the last few years. In that position you get very close to folk, and so you can imagine the huge loss that my wife and I have felt over the demise of them both.
Recently I wrote a requiem for Barbara to record my feelings and help in the grieving process. Today I would like to share it with you all. 
Maybe it will help someone else who is grieving for a lost loved one. I hope so.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lauralei: Latest News! Just 5 more days to the release date!

Only five more days to the release date for Lauralei's debut album, "Questions" which is being released on the SJM label next Tuesday, 31st March.
Likened to Norah Jones, Lauralei sings with the soul of a jazz singer, with songs that will reach down into your heart and make you sigh for more. What an amazing talent this singer has! Watch out for the promo video here, next Tuesday.
In the meantime, here's another track from the album to give you a taste of what's to come.

Lauralei sings "Where Did You Go?" from the album "Questions"

Lauralei to release debut album, "Questions", on the SJM label.

Beautiful young woman, beautiful voice, beautiful soul. Keep a watch out for the debut album being released on 31st March by Lauralei. Eleven love-songs with lyrics by Colin Gordon-Farleigh and music by Greg Scheer, the album has been arranged and produced in Nashville by the talented Dave Demay at Song City Studios.

Monday, January 6, 2014

St John's Presbyterian Church, Runcorn, now a building site.

On the Demise of St John’s, Runcorn
Here, in the sepulchred silence of the dying day,
A hundred years of passing saints have trod;
Some walking proud, some falling on their knees,
But all of them to spend some time with God.
Here, amidst the glory of pitch-pine and lofty height,
They worshipped in the morning and at night.
Where, Sunday by Sunday,
The people prayed,
And the organ played;
Where hymns were sung in unison,
Supported by the choir in their stalls
But that’s not all.
Out on the Bowling Green
Where once at Summer Fete
The woods were seen,
It’s now a JCB that tears the soil.
Roses, daffodils, forget-me-not,
Have all fallen to the metal scoop
And lie discarded in a dying heap.
Yet I recall, and not so long ago,
The times I stood in crow-black gown,
And looking down
Upon those worshippers who congregated there,
In pew after pew, where saints have sat and sin has trod,
I shared the Word of God.
© 2013 Colin Gordon-Farleigh

The Church has left the building;
And all that now remains
Are memories of those who worshipped here.
Their sadness and elation,
From poor and happy days,
Consigned to conflagration
Or to heaven’s lasting praise.
No more the doors will beckon strangers in
Nor see a white-gowned bride upon the step;
No more the final journey of a friend
Carried shoulder-high at their life’s end.
I stand amid the dust and desolation,
Where pitch-pine pews once gleamed;
And gaze at the vacant windows
Where once the morning sunrays beamed
Upon the people praying to their God.
Yet now, in all its shattered glory,
There is a strange twist to this story,
Where once were Easter bonnets, gloves and hats,
Residing in the sanctuary of the tower
Is a colony of bats.
© 2014 Colin Gordon-Farleigh

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aberystwyth: My Theological "Alma Mater"

I attended the Theological College at Aberystwyth prior to entering full-time ministry with the Presbyterian Church of Wales. The College is to the left (see arrow) of the picture above, the buildings to the right being University of Wales buildings.
 Before breakfast, after lunch and in the evening, we would invariably stretch our legs walking along the seafront promenade, walking to the end where we would "kick the bar."
 Some days, especially if we had made the mistake of eating college 'Spotted Dick & Custard' at lunchtime, we would need a greater amount of exercise and would climb the hill, which was quite a strenuous climb, but worth it once you got to the top. 
At night the front was brightly lit by the light streaming from the hotels that hosted the town's holiday visitors.
 Turning left out of the college and walking a short distance along the promenade, you come to the ruins of Aberystwyth Castle, a pleasant place to sit and contemplate the days instruction. 
My memories of my college days are amongst the best memories that I have, partly because of the reason that I was there, partly due to the people whom I was at college with, and partly because Aberystwyth itself endeared herself to me.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year fro 2014

All the blessings of the season to you dear reader!

Shake the Dust - Byron J Bryce

Byron J Bryce is climbing steadily up the ReverbNation Country Chart in the UK. This track features on his new EP Album, but if you can't wait for that then you can download it from iTunes, Amazon an CD Baby today!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year for 2014

I wish all of you every blessing for the coming year and thank you all for sharing my journey through the past twelve months.

Jesus bids you "Come to Me" : Worship song from Colin Gordon-Farleigh

Here's a hymn for toady to cheer your soul and brighten your day! Sung to the beautiful tune "Here is Love", this hymn reminds us of all that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, offers to us. When He says to us, "Come to Me." then we need to respond with our hearts and commit ourselves to His bidding.

Come to Me   8787 D
Tune: Here is Love

Come to Me when you are weary,
You will find rest for your soul;
‘Come to Me,’ says Christ the Saviour,
And then I will make you whole.
Yoked to Christ, yet free to wander,
No more trouble, no more strife;
Yoked to Christ, yet free to wander,
We’re blessed with the gift of life.

Come to Me when you are troubled,
Tired and weary in your soul;
‘Come to Me,’ says Christ the Saviour,
I have come to make you whole.
Yoked to Christ, yet free to wander,
No more trouble, no more strife;
Yoked to Christ, yet free to wander,
We’re blessed with the gift of life.

Come to Me when your day’s ending,
When your work on earth is done;
‘Come to Me,’ says Christ the Saviour,
For the battle has been won.
Yoked to Christ, yet free to wander,
No more trouble, no more strife;
Yoked to Christ, yet free to wander,
We’re blessed with the gift of life.
 © 2011: Colin Gordon-Farleigh