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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Gospel Message

It's often said that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is designed to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. The Apostle Paul excelled at the former, as his pastoral letters make clear, but it would be fair to say that he specialised in the latter.

I hope and pray that I am able, therefore, to continue disturbing the comfortable for the remainder of my life!

Shake the Dust - Byron J Bryce

The weather is getting cooler in the mornings and evenings as the Autumn establishes itself, and so a real foot-tapper like this song by songwriting duo, Colin Gordon-Farleigh and Greg Scheer, is just the thing to make you feel a little warmer! "Shake the Dust" sung by Byron J Bryce is available to download from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Voice" is going to be silent!

      I am working on what is to be the final edition of "The Voice Christian News & Views" today. I have published and edited the magazine for ten years as part of my ministry, but have felt for some while that this needs to come to a close. They say that you should always bow out when the people want more, and I think that that will certainly be the case with "The Voice."
      What an exciting journey it has been! Up to a couple of years ago there were six issues a year published, distributed to subscribers in twenty countries. A couple of years ago, due to increasing costs and falling donations due to the economic downturn, the decision was made to cut it down to four issues a year, and the next big change was to put it online and only distribute hard copy to the UK subscribers. Unfortunately, the costs of production have continued to rise, just like everything else.
      I am so grateful for all of the brilliant writers who have helped me over the years to achieve the success that the magazine has enjoyed, for without them we would never have built or maintained the readership levels as high as they have been.
      The final issue will be out in a few weeks, so keep a watch out for it!

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Anniversary Serenade" sung by Alan Watson

Here is a great song for any anniversary occasion, with lyrics by Colin Gordon-Farleigh an music by Andrew Millinchip.  It is warmly and beautifully sung by Alan Watson, Runcorn's 'Mr Smooth' and is availablke to download from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby, or to purchase on CD from Sheer Joy Music.

Grace Reigns - Kevin Williams (Rom 5:21)

This is a first-class discourse on the subject of God's overwhelming grace.  Kevin Williams speaks from a Spirit-inspired heart, and pulls no punches. After all, what's the point of giving people half the meal to make it easier for them to digest when what they need for their eternal salvation is the whole truth.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm Waiting for You Kitty Wu

Check out this beautiful song from the talented Kitty Wu, released on the SJM label and available to download from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Louisa Ellingham in accident at Portwen

     At the beginning of September we were in Port Isaac, which is the home of the fictional Portwen and the 'Doc Martin' TV series. The photo above is of Doc Martin's house and surgery.
     On Monday evening we were watching the latest episode in this favourite program and, like most viewers, were stunned when we saw Louisa hit by a car. I read in the press that there have been a raft of complaints about the graphic nature of the scene, yet there is a good side to the way in which it was depicted. After all, people do not get a warning when they are about to be involved in an accident. It happens in a split second, and it's that fact that impresses the horror of it all on our minds more than anything. The lesson to be learned from this episode is the importance of going about with care and being alert. Louisa ran across into the path of the vehicle without looking. It could happen to anyone.
     So, yes, we were stunned, horrified and somewhat upset, but I think that the programme makers nevertheless got it right because of the lesson that can be drawn from it.

One of the places we photographed was the village school where Louise Ellingham (nee Glasson) is the head teacher. 
 Above is a shot looking down on the beach in front of the harbour.
A long shot across the harbour to the doctor's house.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Samantha Link sings "Love Alone"

The talented Samantha Link sings "Love Alone" with lyrics by Colin Gordon-Farleigh and Music by Tony Seeger. This Celtic song has a distinctly baroque feel to it as a result of the Seraph-Harp guitar played by Tony Seeger, and the haunting tones of the whistle, played by Catherine Ashcroft, makes this a really different sound for Samantha to her usual repertoire.

Up, Up and Away, in my beautiful balloon .....

I finally went on my long-anticipated air-balloon flight which was given to me by my wife as a special birthday present. There were 16 of us plus the pilot in the basket, and the photo above shows us almost ready for lift-off.
 Up in the air, flying upward to around 1100 or 1200 feet above sea level, with nothing but the occasional sound of the burner. What a wonderful sensation, just floating along at about 9 miles per hour, with hardly any feeling of movement. The flight was all that I had always anticipated, and more!
Once we were back on terra firma, which was about two hours after take-off, we were given a certificate to commemorate our flight.