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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Church of England gives up the fight over same-sex marriage

      We are clearly instructed in Scripture to obey the laws set down by our leaders, unless, that is, they contravene God's laws. Why then, I ask, has the Church of England capitulated over the question of the Redefining of Marriage Bill?
     Bishop of Leicester, who is the Convener of the Lords Spiritual, has said in an official statement that the Church of England will no longer fight the Bill to Redefine Marriage. This is tantamount to the Church of England sanctioning same-sex marriage, a matter which goes directly against God's law. This government has no mandate to put this Bill forward. It was not in the manifesto of any of the political parties, and it faces massive opposition from a huge swathe of the populace. Polls have shown that even many from amongst the homosexual members of the public see no particular reason for the Bill to be put forward. 
     It has been stated by many of the leading voices that there will be far-reaching ramifications if this Bill is passed, ranging from concerns over the ignoring of people's voice of conscience over the matter when it impacts on their employment status to the impact that it will have on pension rights. That it contravenes God's law is of no consequence to this current leadership, for it is made up of atheists and those who claim the name of Christian without the responsibility to act like one.
     Throughout the history of mankind there have been leaders who have opposed God, and history is littered with the tales of their nation's demise. Consider the great empires of the past, empire such as the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, and of course the British Empire. All have now gone. Yes, especially the latter, for the halcyon days of the British Empire are long over, and most people would probably prefer to call this nation the United Kingdom rather than Great Britain, for the simple reason that politicians of all shades have eroded the claims to greatness that the nation once had. Even the term 'United Kingdom' refers to a dubious position, for Wales has already achieved a measure of devolution, Scotland is clamouring for independence, and Ireland is a split nation.
    “Both Houses of Parliament have now expressed a clear view by large majorities on the principle that there should be legislation to enable same-sex marriages to take place in England and Wales.
     “It is now the duty and responsibility of the Bishops who sit in the House of Lords to recognise the implications of this decision and to join with other members in the task of considering how this legislation can be put into better shape...
      “If this bill is to become law, it is crucial that marriage as newly defined is equipped to carry within it as many as possible of the virtues of the understanding of marriage it will replace.
     “Our focus during committee and report stages in the coming weeks and months will be to address those points in a spirit of constructive engagement."
You can read the full statement here >
or the report in the Telegraph here >
     This effectively signals the end of the Church of England's official opposition to the Bill.
     Even the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has stated his support for the Bill in a recent statement on the subject. The Archbishop also approved of the idea of same sex relationships in his speech, contrary to the Bible's teaching on homosexuality. He said: "It is clearly essential that stable and faithful same sex relationships should, where those involved want it, be recognised and supported with as much dignity and the same legal effect as marriage".
     As the Archbishop is the head of the Anglican Communion this statement will have far-reaching implications for the Church as a whole. Over many years the Anglicans have been dealing with split opinions over many matters, but this current proposed legislation, flying in the face of God as it does, is likely to turn the split into a gaping chasm. No wonder that mainstream churches are empty on a Sunday when the leadership clearly chooses to satisfy man's cravings rather than God's teaching.

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