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Thursday, September 12, 2013

We must never forget: "9/11 Remembered"

9/11 Remembered
Close your eyes and try to keep out the dust;
Close your ears and try to keep out the sounds;
Close your mind and try to keep out the pain.

What now? Now that the years are passing,
and the ground no longer blossoms red?

What now? Now that the cloying dust has turned
into a vast bouquet of concrete roses?

What now? Now that the mind, in relaxed moments,
recalls the awful sounds of people screaming,
people crying,
--- of people dying?
What now?

Are all the lessons learned?
Has hatred turned to love?

Or is the world the same, despite the rhetoric
that it was changed for ever on that day?

So many questions. So many questions.

Yet still no answers from the growing shroud
that covers all the mounting dead.

Still no answers from the bleating throng
who find their solace in the world instead.

Still no peace exists 'tween man and man,
nor ever will as long as hate exists.

So on this day, when we recall the horror
of that day when life was changed,
let us make a stand for peace,
a stand for love,
a stand for Christ;

and in His name, pray to our God above
that our world will change again.
Yet let this change be one that turns on love.
© Copyright 2009 : Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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