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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aberystwyth: My Theological "Alma Mater"

I attended the Theological College at Aberystwyth prior to entering full-time ministry with the Presbyterian Church of Wales. The College is to the left (see arrow) of the picture above, the buildings to the right being University of Wales buildings.
 Before breakfast, after lunch and in the evening, we would invariably stretch our legs walking along the seafront promenade, walking to the end where we would "kick the bar."
 Some days, especially if we had made the mistake of eating college 'Spotted Dick & Custard' at lunchtime, we would need a greater amount of exercise and would climb the hill, which was quite a strenuous climb, but worth it once you got to the top. 
At night the front was brightly lit by the light streaming from the hotels that hosted the town's holiday visitors.
 Turning left out of the college and walking a short distance along the promenade, you come to the ruins of Aberystwyth Castle, a pleasant place to sit and contemplate the days instruction. 
My memories of my college days are amongst the best memories that I have, partly because of the reason that I was there, partly due to the people whom I was at college with, and partly because Aberystwyth itself endeared herself to me.

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