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Saturday, June 21, 2008


This coming week is a crucial time for Zimbabwe as preparations continue for the election run-off. News came through last night that the MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is considering pulling out in order to prevent the further bloodshed and brutality against his supporters. I wonder whether this is a political ploy in order to rally support from other African leaders. The problem is, as I see it, considering things from a long experience of Zimbabwe and also of that nation's politics, that whatever decision Tsvangirai takes there will still be wholesale bloodshed by Mugabe's henchmen. If Tsvangirai pulls out then his supporters will still be punished for daring to support the opposition, whilst if he stands, then the bloodshed will continue right up to the run-off and probably for a while after that. I believe that he must stand for if he doesn't then the fate of the nation may well be irrevocably sealed. Mugabe will be able once again to prance about like the demented lunatic that he is and claim that he has been democratically elected to power by the people. The problem is that there will be those who choose to believe him, despite the facts.

Tomorrow I will be preaching at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Garden Village, Wrexham, and I will lead the congregation in prayer for Zimbabwe and its people. If you can join me there you will be welcome to do so, but if not --- and of course I realise that you, dear reader, will most probably not be able to be there --- then I do hope that you will heed this Call to Prayer and stand in prayer in your own church or your own home to pray for God to intervene.

Remember that if you do this for Christ's people then you do it as unto Him (Matthew 25: 31-40)

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