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Monday, October 22, 2012

More Great Christian Quotes by Leonard Ravenhill

Phone Interviewer: "Say you were asked, Leonard, to speak for the annual convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, and the Lord directed you to accept that invitation, what message might you bring to that group?"
Ravenhill: "I believe I´d preach on hell."

"As long as we are content to live without revival, we will."

"The attitude of the average Christian today is relax and be raptured.But He is coming... and when God gets angry you´ve no idea what it is. Like a thousand volcanoes exploding. He has appointed a day in which He is going to judge the world and the poor blind world doesn´t know much about it and the poor blind church doesn´t think much about it now."

"One who is intimate with God will not be intimidated by men."

"With all your getting get unction."

"We live in a day of itching ears but I have no commission from God to scratch them."

"Is what you're living for worth Christ's dying for?"
- Epitaph of Leonard Ravenhill

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