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Monday, November 5, 2012

'Born to be a Soldier' sung by Gary Cordice, is released today by Sheer Joy Music

Today is the day! 'Born to be a Soldier' is a great song, written and sung by Gary Cordice is officially released by Sheer Joy Music.  
Gary says of this song:

"The song was originally written for a musical I had been writing for a while looking at colonial conflicts in the Caribbean involving British soldiers during the reign of King George the Third, but then later on reflection having been a member of the TA Royal Green Jackets and then later with the Royal Signals it naturally lent itself to being a song that would pay tribute to all serving soldiers both home and abroad. In a larger sense we meet soldier’s everyday. I watched my mother and father work tirelessly to raise us eight children relentlessly, other single parents raising up their children on their own, people who still hope when it seems all hope is gone, the platoon leader determined to get his men home safe. Life is full of challenges and it’s the determined, the consistent, the weak who won’t give in, the strong who know how to sacrifice. It’s about the soldier in all of us that is not ready to sleep."
Please help to notch up the Youtube hits by going to as this will introduce the song to a much wider audience.
Sales of the song will help Military Charities.

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