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Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Muslims celebrate Hurricane Sandy’s destruction

On 9/11, many Muslims around the world celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Today, some Muslims are celebrating the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. While this of course is not representative of all Muslims, it is sad nonetheless. When natural disasters strike the Muslim world, America is there to help.

Here’s one example of Muslims celebrating.

A Muslim man posted the following question on a popular Islamic website:

"Should we celebrate and be happy watching the Hurricane
destroy several states in the US, or should we sympathize
with our fellow human beings?"

Sheik and Dr. Nasser Alomar issued a lengthy response at

Here are some excerpts from that response, translated into English:

We and Allah should be happy and we should celebrate for
what has come against the prideful tyrants. America is
the leader of oppression and tyranny throughout this
century and it uses its money to oppress the Muslim
people and Muslim nations from the far East to the
far West…

Why shouldn't we celebrate when the prophet Muhammad

said: "Oh Allah force your might on those who harm us."

Shouldn't we celebrate and be happy when Allah answer

the prayers of the oppressed?…

The wind that is destroying America is a blessing from

Allah, we should be thankful and be happy "to God belongs
the order before and after; and on that day the believers
shall rejoice, in the help of Allah;- Allah helps whom
He will, and He is mighty, merciful.-"
Quran: AR-Room 30:4-5

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