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Monday, December 17, 2012

Coalition Ministers don't care about their own children

The Coalition government Ministers in the UK don't care about their own children, so why would they care about yours. If they cared then they would vote in an automatic block on internet pornography to ensure that children would be denied the easy access which currently exists, and that porn sites could only be accessed by an 'opting in' process, with those opting to view online porn having to register to do so.

Children's Charities, Child Safety campaigners and huge numbers of parents back the idea, as do much of the media. Over 40% of parents responded to the Government's own consultation in favor of such a process but, as so often is the case, their views have been ignored.

In theory, politicians are elected to put forward the views of the electorate, but in practice they tend to generally ignore them, despite the empty promises and assurances that are offered when the time comes for re-election.

What is needed is true People Power!

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