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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut


Says it all really, doesn't it. I know some will disagree, but if you make guns readily available then you put the means into evil hands. How many more of these tragedies must happen before the Gun Laws are changed?

In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, will those in favour of the current gun laws in the USA consider tightening the Law up at all? I doubt it, yet the figures shown below speak volumes. If you allow pretty well anyone to own a gun then you permit them to use it as they want, even if that means committing a heinous crime like the one that has taken so many lives at Sandy Nook. There are many who might well consider that those responsible for the atrocity include the people who formulate the laws governing firearms, and thereby become culpable by association. 

There will be many emotions running high at this time, not least those who are incensed by any suggestion that the gun laws are too lax. All of the cliched arguments will no doubt be wheeled out once more, and we will be told that guns are not killers, it's the people who misuse them who are. Yet is it not true that guns are specifically for killing, despite the fact that many people use them for sport? 

Every nation is made up of a complete miscellany of characteristics amongst the population, and so if you arm the nation then you will discover many people who are unfit to be armed. The tragedy is that you invariably discover who they are in the most terrible and tragic manner.

Think today about the circumstances of every family who has lost someone in this tragedy, and of the community which will never forget their very own Black Friday. The scars will be carried by them all for the rest of their lives.

Sorry, America, but how many more tragic events will it take to bring about change in your gun laws?

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