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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teachers face threat over farce of same-sex "marriage."

Latest: Government admits teachers do face threat

The Daily Telegraph carries a front-page report today saying that the Government is “powerless” to stop teachers getting sacked if they refuse to endorse same-sex marriage. It quotes a senior source at the Department
for Education admitting that the UK is not “in control” and that European
judges have the final say.
We told you that teachers were under threat, now we know the Government thinks so too – albeit privately. It’s appalling that they haven’t been more
upfront about this. It just shows that we have been absolutely right to point
out the widespread impact of this unpopular and divisive policy.
Today, we are publishing our report on same-sex marriage storybooks being promoted in primary schools.
The legal and political pressure to use these books in classrooms will be
all the greater if marriage gets redefined. Culture wars about the meaning
of marriage shouldn’t be dragged into our schools. But some extreme local authority somewhere will try to do just that, and woe betide any teacher
who objects.
Your MP opposes the plans to redefine marriage. That’s good news but it
is still important to encourage them to stay on the right side of this debate.
The Bill to redefine marriage was published today and MPs will vote on it
for the first time on Tuesday 5 February.
So, if you have not already done so, please ask your MP for a face-to-face meeting. It is important that you meet your MP before 5 February. If you can’t secure a meeting before then, just email your MP and say you oppose the redefinition of marriage.
  • Thank your MP for backing marriage.
  • If you have told many of your friends about your MP’s principled stance, say so.
  • Say you really hope your MP will be there on 5 February to vote against the Bill.
  • Remind your MP that the Government has ignored the impact this will have on teachers and others who believe in traditional marriage (the European Court recently said it was OK to sack a registrar who didn’t agree with civil partnerships).
  • Remind your MP that the Government has no mandate for this change because it wasn’t in the manifestos of any major party.
  • Remind your MP that the Government should be sorting out the economy and improving public services, not meddling with marriage.
  • Remind your MP that there’s no need to redefine marriage because all the legal rights of marriage are available to gay couples through civil partnerships.
When meeting your MP:
  • Please DO NOT take a copy of this message to the meeting.
  • Be friendly, calm and polite. Remember to thank your MP for opposing the redefinition of marriage.
  • Speak using your own words and be yourself.
  • Don’t deluge your MP with lots of information – remember they’re on your side.
  • But it may help them to be reminded of one or two arguments for keeping marriage as it is.
  • If your friends are pleased that the MP is against redefining marriage, do tell your MP that. 

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