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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FREE SPEECH Resolution

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Freedom of Speech Day
Free Speech Resolution

September 25, 2013, is the 224th anniversary of the passage of the Bill 

of Rights by Congress.

On that day, ACT! for America is going to remind America and the world 

that free speech is something we cherish and will defend.

We’ve declared September 25, 2013, to be “Freedom of Speech Day.” 
It’s part of our “Americans United to Defend Free Speech” campaign.

YOU can be part of “Freedom of Speech Day” by hosting a “Freedom of 

Speech Day” event that day. To find out how you can be part of this 
historic event click on the image below. 

When a poll finds that six in ten Muslims in America believe criticism 
 of Islam should be banned… 

…when American Muslim leaders pressure our Department of Justice 

to find a way to criminalize speech critical of Islam…

…when our State Department is assisting the Organization of Islamic 

 Cooperation (OIC) in its goal to criminalize free speech…

…We need to stand up NOW and wake up America!!!

Please also sign our open letter to Congress and the 50 state legislatures, 

urging them to introduce and pass resolutions opposing implementation 
of UN Resolution 16/18. 

The OIC’s goal is to use UN Resolution 16/18 to pressure countries to 
 criminalize speech deemed “offensive” to Islam. (See this article in 
the Saudi Gazette.) 

Ten days ago legislation we supported in South Dakota, the Free 
Speech Defense Act, was signed into law.

As you can see, we’re making progress!!

Now is the time to ACT! Let’s send a loud and clear message to our 

friends and neighbors, to elected officials, and to Muslim organizations 
 intent on destroying our freedom of speech, that we will not stand by 
and let this happen! 


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