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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rev Colin's "Hymn for Today" : 'Won't You Come?'

Won’t You Come?   8787
TUNE: Sanctum
I can hear the Saviour calling,
Calling gently, far and near;
I can hear the words so clearly,
“Won’t you come and shelter here?”
On my heart the words are falling,
Speaking gently to my soul;
Like the lambs, I hear my Shepherd,
“Won’t you come and be made whole?”
I will come to you, Lord Jesus,
To the shelter of your arm;
Where You go then I will follow,
Knowing that I’m safe from harm.
I can hear the words He’s saying,
Hear them clearly in my heart;
I am listening, I am listening,
Jesus loved me from the start.
© 2011 : Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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