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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Evolution & the Theory of Random Mutations

Evolution Depends On Mutations!
 By Thomas Heinze

     I know it sounds stupid, but evolutionists really believe that your body and your brain were developed by a series of random, unplanned accidents passed on by inheritance from parents to children.
     They have faith that random accidents (called mutations) gradually changed the simple little brains of one celled animals into the wonderful brains inside their own skulls today!
     The evolutionists’ theory is that a first cell from who knows where gradually evolved to become you and me by random mutations. (accidental changes). Evolutionists believe that they now sit triumphantly enthroned at the top of a pile of increasingly complex forms of life created by unplanned, undirected random accidents.
     Imagine with me that Ford had to depend on accidents to design its new models: “They are paying us to design next years Ford, so let’s close our eyes and run the Ford we’re driving into that huge rock over there. That should be a big step in creating the design for next year’s Ford!”
     If you’re thinking, “No fool could be that stupid!” You’re almost right!
     Evolutionists, however really believe that their own bodies and brains got here by random accidental changes to earlier less evolved bodies and brains. They call those changes random mutations.
     In our experience, random changes to things that do what they were intelligently designed to do don’t make them do it better!
     Make a random change to a Ford or a bicycle, and it will make either one worse! Our bodies and brains function because they were made by the Master Designer. They are NOT the result of accidents. Accidental changes to things that were intelligently designed degrade them! Atheists get around this problem by believing that God never made anything so he couldn't have made living things. This leaves them stuck with the belief that living things must have been produced, or at least perfected by random mutations.
     Do you believe like the evolutionists that random changes make stuff better? Grab a hammer, put on a blindfold, and make some random changes to your car! Random changes to things that were intelligently designed mess them up! Random changes to cars make them worse whether they are caused by automobile accidents or your hammer. Even if your car is old and rusty you don’t want it to be in a wreck!
     Pity the poor atheists! They don’t trust in God the Creator because they have chosen not to believe in Him. When they ask themselves, “Where did we come from?” They limit their choices to a few really stupid alternatives. They end up believing that the very brain they are thinking with was built up by random accidents that happened to earlier brains that were worse. It’s like trying to account for the design of a Ford if you are absolutely convinced that Fords were built by accidents!
     It’s tough to be an atheist or one of their evolutionist followers. They have to try to believe that random accidents, which they call mutations, created the very brains they count on to do their thinking! So why trust their thinking?
     Feel free to use this article as you wish! Copy it in your publication; post it on your website. Forward it to your friends or enemies. Whatever!

Tom Heinze

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