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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Funeral poem: 'The Christian's Confidence'

The Christian’s Confidence
When I am gone, remember I’m with Jesus;
Then do not mourn because I’ve passed away.
Life holds so many griefs and disappointments,
And will you cry, because I did not stay?
‘Tis only for a while we must be parted,
Not many years on earth to us are given,
And when my Saviour tells me you are coming,
I’ll go with Him and welcome you to heaven.
Grieve not because the eyes that looked upon you
Shall never see your face on earth again;
Rejoice, because they look upon the Saviour,
Who gave His life to ransom sinful men.
Weep not because I walk no longer with you,
Remember I am walking streets of gold,
Weep for yourselves that you a while must tarry,
Before the blessed Lord you may behold.
Oh say, “He has arrived”
And not, "He’s passed away”
And think of him as now
In His eternal day.
Arrived - to see His face,
Arrived - to see His smile,
Arrived - to greet again
Those he lost awhile.
Arrived - no more to tread
The path where saints have trod;
Arrived - in perfect peace,
Through faith in Jesu's blood.
 - Author unknown

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