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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Voice" is going to be silent!

      I am working on what is to be the final edition of "The Voice Christian News & Views" today. I have published and edited the magazine for ten years as part of my ministry, but have felt for some while that this needs to come to a close. They say that you should always bow out when the people want more, and I think that that will certainly be the case with "The Voice."
      What an exciting journey it has been! Up to a couple of years ago there were six issues a year published, distributed to subscribers in twenty countries. A couple of years ago, due to increasing costs and falling donations due to the economic downturn, the decision was made to cut it down to four issues a year, and the next big change was to put it online and only distribute hard copy to the UK subscribers. Unfortunately, the costs of production have continued to rise, just like everything else.
      I am so grateful for all of the brilliant writers who have helped me over the years to achieve the success that the magazine has enjoyed, for without them we would never have built or maintained the readership levels as high as they have been.
      The final issue will be out in a few weeks, so keep a watch out for it!

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