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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Louisa Ellingham in accident at Portwen

     At the beginning of September we were in Port Isaac, which is the home of the fictional Portwen and the 'Doc Martin' TV series. The photo above is of Doc Martin's house and surgery.
     On Monday evening we were watching the latest episode in this favourite program and, like most viewers, were stunned when we saw Louisa hit by a car. I read in the press that there have been a raft of complaints about the graphic nature of the scene, yet there is a good side to the way in which it was depicted. After all, people do not get a warning when they are about to be involved in an accident. It happens in a split second, and it's that fact that impresses the horror of it all on our minds more than anything. The lesson to be learned from this episode is the importance of going about with care and being alert. Louisa ran across into the path of the vehicle without looking. It could happen to anyone.
     So, yes, we were stunned, horrified and somewhat upset, but I think that the programme makers nevertheless got it right because of the lesson that can be drawn from it.

One of the places we photographed was the village school where Louise Ellingham (nee Glasson) is the head teacher. 
 Above is a shot looking down on the beach in front of the harbour.
A long shot across the harbour to the doctor's house.

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