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Monday, August 5, 2013

Primeval Playground : Balancing Rocks, Epworth, Zimbabwe

Primeval Playground
Near to Epworth Mission, just outside Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, are the enormous granite rock formations, precariously balanced  one upon another, known as Balancing Rocks.

No man-made thing,
this miracle wrought by Nature;
conglomerate of granite
formed by an eternity of erosion,
weathered by frost and rain
to blossom in rotund perfection.

Surely, in some historic past,
this must have been
the playground of some giant,
balancing the fiery crystal
precariously, rock upon rock,
daring the wind to blow.

In some far-distant aeon
Bushmen’s primitive talents stirred,
using the canvas of the rock-face
to portray their fears and elations:
the hunter and the hunted,
the dreamer and the realist.

Children now dance and sing
casting reflections of their ancestors.
See their upturned eyes,
the wonder of innocence,
darting like unseen shadows
between the balancing rocks.

© Colin Gordon-Farleigh 2006  

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