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Saturday, October 17, 2009

'An Auctioneer's Lot'

I've just finished reading Philip Serrell's book, An Auctioneer's Lot, which is an ideal bedtime read as you can read through a chapter (or as the author heads them 'a Lot') each night before dropping off to sleep. Not, mind you, that I'm inferring that the book makes you drop off!

It's a highly amusing collection of recollections from Serrell's early experiences as he learned the art of the auctioneer, and like many recollections it's peopled with the dour to the eccentric. I enjoyed the tale of Mr Smit from Shrewsbury who threatened Philip Serrell with a shotgun when he went to value some furniture, telling him in no uncertain terms to "Clear off before I shoot you!" And that after Philip Serrell had been commissioned to do the job by a local firm of lawyers.

Another 'Lot' that I enjoyed for all of its home-spun charm was headed A Tale of Two Tables, and in it the author relates how the table thought to be valuable turned out to be a great disappointment whilst the table that was destined for the bonfire as kindling turned out to be extremely valuable. Well, you just never know in that business.

Published in 2005 by Hodder & Stoughton, I imagine that this book is probably only available now as a second-hand purchase, but just in case here's the ISBN: 0 340 83895 7. If you get the chance then I can recommend it to you without question dear reader.

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