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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Islamic Domination? Maybe, or maybe not!

I have often written about the Islamification of Europe and The West, and just as often been accused of Islamapohobia because I choose to disseminate the truth about the advance of Islam into Europe and the USA. Here in this video you can judge for yourself.

If Islam takes over Europe and America in a relatively short time, as this video suggests, then the Christian world will only have itself to blame, for the complacency and lack of commitment of millions who call themselves Christians will be the grease with which Islam slides into place. The politicians across Europe are so busy jumping on the Gravy Train that they look only as far as securing votes for themselves, and so appear not to care less about the vast number of Muslims who are entering their countries under ill-controlled immigration laws. The desire to create a United States of Europe blinkers the majority who see the EU as a guaranteed gilt-edged pension which is theirs by right.

At present there is a breakdown of law in that so much crime is re-classified, with the result that we now live in nations where feral thugs roam the streets unchallenged, meting out their particular brand of thuggery to whomsoever they choose with little punishment resulting from it. What use is it to create laws to protect the majority when they are then not properly enacted? One thing that will change under Islamic Law is this sort of thing.

You may well think that it makes it worthwhile, but be warned, when Europe becomes a gigantic Islamic State then your freedom will be curtailed drastically.

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