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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Studio Gossip . . .

Talk in the Recording Studio this week is about two great talents who have been busy laying down tracks with Sheer Joy Music.

The first is Jennifer Douglas who has recorded two new songs, Love Away the Hate and If Only I had Wings. The latter is due to be released soon as a single and will also feature on a full CD that Jennifer Douglas will be completing and releasing later next year.

The second of the two singers is 16-year old Charlotte McKelvie, a very talented young soprano. She recorded several songs for the classical CD which is also due to be released later in 2010.

These are both extremely talented singers, so watch out for more news about them and about their forthcoming CD release dates in the future.

A couple of weeks the sound of Rob Beaton, a singer/songwriter who recently linked up with Sheer Joy Music, resounded in the Studio as he recorded a great new track which will shortly be released as a single, Man From Galilee, written, composed and recorded by Rob. Watch this space for more news about this great song! Rob also composed the music to Love Away the Hate which Jennifer Douglas has recorded.

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