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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New 'Hymn for Today' : 'Things I Know'

For my 'Hymn for Today' I have chosen this one which is ideal for children, both for a School Assembly or for Sunday School. of course, we are all children at heart, especially in the sight of God, and so I guess that we can all sing it with gusto! 

Things I Know     77 77
TUNE: Buckland

There are many things I love,
and so many things I know,
butterflies and buttercups,
all the living things that grow.

Birds that fly up in the sky,
kittens, puppy dogs and snails,
tall giraffes and elephants,
dolphins, porpoises and whales.

Pretty flowers and conker trees,
all the things that children love;
every single one of these
has been made by God above.

For each thing that we can name,
we will praise and thank Him too,
not forgetting one last thing,
for He’s created me and you.
© 2006 : Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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