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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A new 'Hymn for Today' : Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, Holy, Holy    LM
TUNE: Church Triumphant
We stand in awe of Your great pow’r,
Bathed in the vastness of Your love;
Then ’Holy, holy, holy,’ sing,
To send our praise to heaven above.
Then, as we sing, angelic choirs
Will echo loud our song of praise,
As, standing in celestial light,
Our hands and voices to You raise.
Looking up to highest heaven,
Now we will all, with one accord,
Commit our lives to You once more,
Sing, ‘Holy, holy, holy,’ Lord.
© 2006 :  Colin Gordon-Farleigh

I hope that you will enjoy singing this hymn in your worship services and School Assemblies. Feel free to copy and paste it or share it on your Facebook page. All I ask of you is that you report its use in services to CCLI.

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