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Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Hymn for Today" : "Won't You Come?"

Here is my choice for today's "Hymn for Today."  I hope that you will like it enough to share with your friends and use in your worship services.  Provided that you ensure that its use in your church or school is reported to CCLI in the usual way, you may reproduce this hymn both in hard copy or electronically, the only condition being that it is not used for profit in any manner. For more information regarding the hymns of Colin Gordon-Farleigh, please email me.

Won’t You Come?   8787
TUNE: Sanctum

I can hear the Saviour calling,
Calling gently, far and near;
I can hear the words so clearly,
“Won’t you come and shelter here?”

On my heart the words are falling,
Speaking gently to my soul;
Like the lambs, I hear my Shepherd,
“Won’t you come and be made whole?”

I will come to you, Lord Jesus,
To the shelter of your arm;
Where You go then I will follow,
Knowing that I’m safe from harm.

I can hear the words He’s saying,
Hear them clearly in my heart;
I am listening, I am listening,
Jesus loved me from the start.
© 2011 : Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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