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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Hymn for Advent . . .

Hear the Sound

Hear the sound of angels singing,
In the heav'nly choir above.
Hear the news that they are bringing,
Of Christ's birth and of God’s love.
They are telling of the Saviour
Who has come from heav'n to earth ;
Of the joy that He is bringing,
And His lowly stable birth.

They proclaim the joy of Jesus,
And the manger where He lay;
God’s own Son is man’s salvation,
See Him lying in the hay.
Worship Him and give Him glory,
Lay your gifts down at His feet;
Alleluia! tell the story,
How Christ makes your life complete!

Copyright 2007 Colin Gordon-Farleigh

1 comment:

be thou my vision said...

Wonderful hymn..I also like Be Thou My Vision:)