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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chapter Leader challenges inaccurate textbook!

      Yesterday, CBN News aired a two minute story about ACT! for America chapter leader Michael Hayutin’s challenge to a public school textbook and its treatment of Islam. 
      When you view the segment here note what the Muslim woman says about a peaceful verse coming after a verse about war.
      Does she really know what the Qur’an teaches? Is she practicing taqiyya (deception)? Does she understand the doctrine of abrogation?
      Islamic scholars are generally agreed that over 120 peaceful verses in the Qur’an were abrogated, or annulled, and replaced by later verses that call for jihad, war and violence against “infidels.” The peaceful verses relate predominately to the Meccan period of Mohammend’s life, while the warlike verses relate to the Medinan period, which occurred after Mohammed migrated from Mecca to Medina.
      This is why our planned event this fall, “The Doctrine of Abrogation: Open the Qur’an Day,” is so important. (Note: ACT! for America will be posting a sign-up page to host this event in your community on our website later this summer.)
      This also illustrates why a year-long project being conducted by our “sister” organization, ACT! for America Education (formerly known as American Congress for Truth), is so timely.
      This fall we will mail a report to every one of the nearly 50,000 school board members in America, a report analyzing the errors in the way Islam is presented in 38 public school textbooks.
      Once we have done that, we will post the report on our website and urge our chapter leaders and members to turn out to their school board meetings and demand that action be taken to correct the numerous and egregious errors we have uncovered.

Stay tuned!  

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