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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Colin Gordon-Farleigh & A 'Blast from the Past'

There is something about recapturing youth, or at least moments from your youth, when we sift through our old photographs.  Here are a few photos from my book of memories that follow me through different phases of my life, including a couple of pictures from the days when I lived in Rhodesia and did some modelling. The most notable thing for me is that it was a period when I had hair --- and quite a lot of it too!

 About 17, and feeling grown up enough to smoke a pipe --- Uuugh!!!
In my 20's, and with the brilliant poet Richard Ball for a publicity shot following the publication of his book The Last Voyage of the Titanic.
Above and below: These two pictures come from the days when was in my early 30's. I was living in Rhodesia and worked occasionally as a model.  
A magazine shot taken around the same time as part of the Meikles advertising campaign.

Over the years I have often been associated with the theatre one way or another. This picture, and the two below, come from those days when I was privileged to belong to the Powys Theatre in Newtown and work with some brilliant actors.

These two photos were taken at The Curiosity Bookshop in Runcorn when I was doing a book signing for my poetry collections.

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