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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deirdre Shannon with Lord of the Dance

'Anamceol' by Deirdre Shannon

Regular readers of this Blog will know that I'm always on the lookout for great new singers, and love the opportunity to help showcase their work by displaying their videos here. Irish classical/crossover singer Deidre Shannon has one of those voices that speaks right into your soul, and the tones are as pure as the mountain stream.

In 1997 she was chosen by Michael Flatley to be the vocal soloist in his smash hit, Lord of the Dancewhen she was cast in the role of Erin the Goddess, and ultimately performed extensively in the Americas, Africa and Europe for over ten years.

Deirdre has one award-winning album under her belt, self-titled Deirdre Shannon and is currently releasing her second album Anamċeol has just been released. I recommend it to you if you want music to soothe, excite and generally create a feeling of harmony in your innermost being. Buy it by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the video below which affords you a taste of her voice and ability.

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