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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God is Our Only Sure Hope and Trust

People today are no different to the people of yesterday when it comes to whom they choose to ally themselves with, whether in the political or scientific arena, or in matters of education, health and finance. There have always been those who fail to put their faith in God, preferring to put it instead into the things of this world.

People rely on government legislation to protect the moral decisions they want made and maintained, but no amount of legislation can alter the way people choose to think nor change their hearts. The futility of relying on governments is so aptly demonstrated by the misuse of the Human Rights Act. The only sure means of protecting and upholding moral decisions is to seek and follow God's leading in all matters. 

People seek to prolong life and seek a greater and better quality of life by placing their trust in medicine, irrespective of faith and moral living. The futility of this is demonstrated in the tremendous rise in instances of sexually transmitted diseases, threatening the very continuance of the human race. People abuse their bodies by excessive use of alcohol and by drug addiction, by smoking and by sexual immorality, and then place their faith in medicine to get them out of the mess that they've got themselves into.

We live in a scientific and technological age, surrounded by a sea of gadgets and technology that sometimes threatens to engulf us. People enjoy the benefits that all of this brings with it, and they regard science as the means of improving life, and even, in some cases, of creating life. Many people place their trust in astrology and horoscopes, and in science in general, rather than seeking answers in the Bible.

Education is essential in order to progress the human race, and it's natural that each successive generation seeks to become better educated, yet education alone is insufficient. People often act as though University and College degrees and other qualifications can guarantee their future, without considering what God has planned for their future.

Whether individuals or governments, separately or collectively, people have placed their faith in financial security whereby they seek to amass as much money as they can for themselves, ignoring --- or at least forgetting --- that whilst it is a good thing to be wise with our money, we must trust God for our needs. Only when we place our trust in Him can we be assured of the outcome. We only need to look at the financial crashes of the last few years to understand the futility of placing our faith and trust in the money market and in consumerism.

We can trust God implicitly, and so the only sure place for our faith is to place our faith in Him, knowing that we can trust Him both in and for all things.

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