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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Has Simon Cowell 'Fixed' the 'Britain's Got Talent' Result?

Well, what do you think about all of the hype in the media over the last couple of days about the story circulating that the results of this years' BGT has been 'fixed' by Simon Cowell? Is it a hoax or a genuine expose? 

One thing is for certain, and that is that the Social Networking site that carried the story in the beginning, was barely known and yet now is known to millions. What a neat piece of marketing it has turned out for them! 

Personally speaking, I think that the whole story is full of holes throughout its extremely wordy length. There are, I'm sure, many people who dislike Simon Cowell, if only because he is successful at what he does and has made many millions to prove it. He is not only a clever man, he's also very intelligent, and he would know the sort of flak that would come from a story like this getting out. That alone would make him steer well clear of such a practise as he's accused of I'm sure.

There is no doubting the facts that there are many things going on behind the scenes that he would prefer the public to know nothing of, but that's the nature of the show. I am happy to go on record as saying that I dismiss the story as lies, and that the whole thing is even possibly a deliberate attempt by the Social Networking site to gain publicity at the expense of Cowell, BGT and the youngster concerned, 12-year old Ronan Parke.

After all, just ask yourself who has anything to gain?

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