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Friday, April 29, 2011

Christopher Lee Power helps young film-makers by behaving like Hitler

Why a British Christian actor is behaving like Hitler and giving his time to young film-makersBy Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

PORT SUNLIGHT, UK (ANS) -- British Christian actor, Christopher Lee-Power, has not only been recently behaving like Hitler, which he says was a “challenge,” but has also been giving his time to young film makers.
Hitler (left) with fellow German soldiers during World War 1
Christopher, 42, who lives just outside of Liverpool, recently got a part in an episode of “The Mystery Files” on the Geographic Channel, playing a young Hitler soldier and his relationship with Hitler in the trenches of the First World War.
      Christopher said, “On arriving on the set, I noticed the huge trench with barbed wire around it - it looked very authentic. And around its edge explosives had been placed.
      “We filmed from morning to night and had to simulate the harsh conditions: the crew threw stones and mud over us, creating the effect that we were under attack! The fear I had filming those scenes was very real!”
      He then had the opportunity to play a henchman who allegedly killed Amy Robsart, whose unexplained death at the age of 28 is the greatest unsolved Tudor mystery. The drama-documentary is out on Sky this year.
      Says Christopher: “Ironically, a few months ago I also got a call to audition for Martin Scorsese - to play the part of Hitler himself.”
      As an actor and Christian, an opportunity to play Hitler, or even someone like him, was not easy. “Playing him does not mean that I agree with what he did. The opposite is true for the actor: it’s an opportunity to reveal to the audience the evil that went on, and to explore the character's inner life.
      “I had to learn German for the Scorsese audition, and study YouTube footage. When I arrived there were five other actors who all looked like Hitler! As an actor you have to do your best, because the profession is very competitive. Sometimes you are right for the part and other times you are not, and in the end I didn't get the part, and did not meet him personally - but it was an experience!”
      Christopher has also given his time to help a group of young film makers from Edge Hill University based in the north west of England.
Christopher Lee-Power
      Christopher says, “As an actor I like to give my time to those who are starting out. After reading Jack Leigh’s script I wanted to get involved. The film is called ‘Boiling Point’ and I play Owen Davis, a private detective who avengers his sister`s murderer. The film is about justice and how far we will go as human beings.
      “I think, as a Christian actor, I have a duty to reveal to the world not just the good, but also the bad. After all, is this not what the Bible reveals, not just good but evil? If by playing a sinful part I can show the destruction in our lives, then I am being salt and light.”
Jack Leigh, who is studying film at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, not only directed, but also wrote the script. This film will then be shown at film festivals and shown to the BBC.
      Christopher adds “It was a delight to work with such a strong, professional crew at the Edge Hill University.”
      Christopher then revealed that he has had to overcome his own big problems, after leaving school without any qualifications. He had a speech impediment, was hyperactive and had no coordination. It was not until the age of eighteen that he decided that “enough was enough” and set out on a path of becoming an actor and a Christian. He finally achieved London drama school training and now lives in the Wirral with his wife and son.
Christopher trained at Richmond Drama School (London) and gained an Oxford Diploma. He also trained at The Lee Strasberg Studio in London and then attended courses at RADA in classical and method acting. He has worked extensively in Shakespeare and on the radio and appeared in the acclaimed “The Winter’s Tale” in Birkenhead Park.
      He has appeared in many British soaps, including “Coronation Street.” He toured in an award winning play called “Remembrance Day,” by Bev Clark, playing George. Christopher also has his autobiography out called “Breaking Free from the Street to the Stage” by O-Books (ISBN 978-1-84694-171-9.)
Christopher Lee-Power is available for interview. His phone number is: +44 (0) 151 645 9928 and e-mail is:

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