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Friday, April 29, 2011

'Jesus, Saviour, Love Divine' : New Hymn for Today

Jesus, Saviour, Love Divine   8787 D
TUNE: Blaenwern
You came down for our forgiveness,
To turn back the tide of sin;
Reconciling us to heaven,
When repentance enters in.
I will follow in Your footsteps,
Jesus, Saviour, love divine;
I will walk the path to heaven,
I am Yours and You are mine.
On this path of joy and sorrow,
I will tread where you have trod;
As I travel on life’s highway,
On to Glory, praising God.
Help me serve you in my living,
Songs of adoration raise;
Jesus, Saviour, lead me onwards,
Let my life be lived in praise.
Serving always as You taught us,
We will share the hope you give,
Through the message of salvation,
Which You brought, that we might live.
Now forever we will praise You,
Jesus, Saviour, Lord of love;
We will give you all the glory,
Here on earth and heav’n above.
You’re the Lord, the great Jehovah,
You are God, the only One;
You are He whom angels worship,
God alone, the Three-in-One.
You alone command our praises,
Through the Spirit’s prompting flame;
Jesus, Saviour, we will worship,
At Your feet and at Your Name!
© 2011 : Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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