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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday: What a Saviour!

      Many thoughts are provoked by the events of Good Friday, not least of all the demonstration of God's love for each one of us by the sacrifice of Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb of God, who died to atone for the sin of all, for all time.
      Many people have difficulty in understanding how anyone could do this without being forced to, yet Jesus did just that. He gave His life voluntarily so that others might have the chance to live, and as we draw close to God on Good Friday, we have the opportunity to thank Him for this great gift of salvation, and the promises of Jesus recorded in the holiest of all books, the Holy Bible.
      When Jesus died on the cross at Calvary, He did so to pay the ransom price that God demanded for the sin of mankind and the price has been paid in full for everyone, no matter who they are. Salvation, which is a redemptive gift from God, is there to be claimed by all who accept Jesus Christ for who He claimed to be, the Son of God, and to confess themselves as sinners before the cross, repent of their sins, and acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Saviour and their Lord. This is not something to be done casually or lightly, but to be done after much heart-searching and prayer. At first the confession will carry with it tears of shame and guilt, but these will turn to tears of thankfulness as God's Holy Spirit works in you. Finally there will be tears of joy at the transformation that God has brought about in you, a transformation that means a new life in Jesus Christ. No longer the old sinful self, but, as Scripture puts it, the birth of a 'new creature'.
      Today there may be sunshine outside, but when you meditate on the spiritual meaning of today there will be a darkness that descends.
      This is not a day to go to the shops, although nowadays there will be plenty of shops who refuse to honour this holiest of days. It's not a day to work for double-time or whatever perk your employer offers you to increase the take at the till, but rather a day to take the time to thank God that your future is secured against His promises, should you choose to repent of your sinfulness and accept Jesus into your life.  

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