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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Congressman Allen West stands up to Radical Islam

Congressman Allen West building national
following for straight talk and boldness in fighting
radical Islam

Rep. West joined “Fox and Friends” recently where he was asked about his standing up to a representative from CAIR who feebly attempted to discredit him during a town hall meeting.

Such boldness and straight talk is being recognized and making West a rising national political star and a potential Presidential candidate, if not in 2012, at sometime in the near feature.

Rep. West will serve as Act for America's gala banquet keynote speaker during this year’s national conference and legislative briefing, June 22 – 24th in Washington, DC.
The conference is close to 75% booked. Visit here to register or find out more.

Watch the short video now for one of the most memorable sound
bites you will ever hear in politics as Rep. West stands his ground!

Also speaking at the conference:

John Guandolo, former FBI agent and subject matter expert on the Muslim Brotherhood, their ideology, leadership and goals for America. John’s topic will be “Understanding the Threat to America: The Outlawed Brief.”

Andrew Bostom, historian and author of the book Legacy of Jihad. Andy’s topic will be “Understanding the Jihad Against America and Israel.”

Erick Stakelbeck, host of CBN’s “Stakelbeck on Terror” and author of the new book

The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You about the Islamist Threat, which is also the title of his topic.

Plus: Numerous Members of Congress and a yet to be named special speaker who will be announced  later this week. 

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