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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New CD coming from Krystyn Murphy, 'The Barefoot Soprano'

Krystyn Murphy will release a new CD in the summer, and you can have a listen to some of the tracks by going to her website. You can also find out how you can get hold of a 4-track EP, taken from the full-length album, on her site.

Krystyn Murphy adds a breath of fresh air to revitalise favourites such as 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'Secret Love', and manages to make them her own whilst retaining their timeless quality.

Dubbed the Barefoot Soprano by an online following, 21-year-old singer Kristyn Murphy is using her nickname to lace her artistry with a carefree professionalism that she is using to break down barriers between genres, and make music, especially classical music, more accessible to audiences of all types.

“I don’t take myself too seriously. The things I do, yes, but not myself,” says the crossover singer whose approachable style blends together elements of the Classical, Broadway, Celtic, Pop, Christian, and Folk genres.

“I put my heart and soul into my music.  My music is constantly growing and I am a huge fan of trying new things. My newest CD project really is an expression of who I am, even more so than my past projects. I am sure that in years to come each new CD I create will reflect even more who I am as an artist and person.”

Kristyn has trained classically since the age of twelve.  She has studied voice at The Hartt School of Music in CT, and is currently studying voice Crane School of Music in New York.  Kristyn is also studying Music Industry and Business Administration.  After graduation she plans to launch her career as a full time performer, tour often and record many more CDs.  
Kristyn recorded her first CD, Sweet Freedom, at the age of 13, with a quartet known as the Center Drive Singers.  The CD, which was recorded after the tragic 9/11 events was dedicated to the heroes of America and sold as a fundraiser for the Center Drive Middle School.  In 2005 Kristyn recorded her first solo CD, To The Glory of God, as a memento for family and friends.  In 2008, Kristyn rallied together some high school friends and recorded a three song patriotic album titledSoul of a Nation.  The CD, which Kristyn recorded while her older sister was in Iraq, was given to the soldiers fighting overseas as a very special thank you gift.  

Kristyn is very happy to present her recording project: Kristyn Murphy, Barefoot Soprano, a CD that serves as an introduction to Kristyn and her music.

Why not take a listen today and find out more about this talented young singer who hails from Maine. 

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