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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why America is Less Safe…

Why America is Less Safe…

…and What We Are Doing About It

By Guy Rodgers, Executive Director, ACT! for America

Osama bin Laden is dead, but America is less safe than it was three years ago. Why?

Because the very interrogation techniques that provided valuable intelligence that led to our government finding bin Laden have been banned by President Obama.

What’s worse, some of the CIA interrogators who used those techniques, with government approval, remain under investigation today by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department. Consider the message that sends.

Those opposed to “enhanced interrogation techniques” have blustered and blundered their way through “explanations” that such techniques were not necessary in obtaining the intelligence needed to find bin Laden.


Numerous top former intelligence and Justice Department officials have spoken on the record since bin Laden was killed, all making a clear and compelling case that such techniques were indispensable in obtaining the intelligence needed to find bin Laden.

America is less safe now than three years ago because interrogators today are shackled by interrogation guidelines that are actually more restrictive than those a homicide detective might use in questioning a murder suspect.

The fact is, had interrogators during the Bush administration been restricted by the interrogation guidelines the Obama administration now operates under, it is highly unlikely some of the key intelligence that led to bin Laden would have ever been obtained.

The Obama administration suffers under a denial of reality that has put America at greater risk from the violent jihad of radical Islam.

First, this administration has consciously engaged in what
I term “Jihad Denial Syndrome.” Those laboring under this
malady refuse to acknowledge what most people can plainly
see, that jihadist ideology is what is driving those who wish
us harm. As I said in a commentary last year, this goes well
beyond political correctness.

Second, this administration, because it denies there is a
jihadist ideology driving Islamic terrorism, refuses to
characterize this as a “war,” instead treating it as a criminal
justice problem. It is this mindset that produces absurd
orders to read Miranda rights to insurgents captured in
Afghanistan. It is this mindset that leads to Eric Holder’s
obsession with civilian criminal trials for suspected terrorists
who would receive more due process rights than a uniformed
enemy combatant is entitled to under the Geneva Convention.

Yes, bin Laden is dead. America is right to celebrate.

But we must continue to organize and speak out against government policies that appease our enemies and compromise our security. Our voice must continue to get louder and stronger.

ACT! for America is now the largest grassroots national security organization in the nation, with nearly 160,000 members and 560 local chapters. Your voice, your action, will help us grow stronger so we can more effectively push back against the policies that compromise our safety and security.

In the near future we will be putting out emails describing some significant successes and victories we are right now in the process of winning. You will be greatly encouraged, as we are.

You will see how strategic, organized grassroots action is working—and how the efforts of tens of thousands of ACT! for America chapter leaders and members are paying off.

This is no time to be timid or complacent. 

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