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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Ugly Face of Islamic Jihadist Extremism

Four Islamic Extremists were sentenced to term of imprisonment here in the UK yesterday for attacking a popular religious education teacher, Gary Smith, because he was a non-Muslim. The four tried to  lie their way out of the situation with a variety of false claims about Smith, but their lies were quickly seen as nothing more than fabrications by the Court. Typically, the four Jihadist fanatics wore traditional Islamic robes for their Court appearance, without doubt as an attempt to intimidate the Court, but despite everything they were quickly proven guilty, not least of all because the four men had been previously suspected of involvement in a terrorist plot, and had had their car bugged by the security services, and they were recorded as they plotted to kill the young teacher.

The four, Akmol Hussein, Azad Hussein, Sheikh Rashid and Simon Alam, attacked Smith on at 8 o'clock in the morning on July 12th Last year, smashing him over the head with a concrete block and about the face with an iron bar, and slashing his face with a Stanley knife, splitting it from the corner of his mouth to his right ear.  Mr Smith subsequently remained unconscious for two days, and underwent emergency surgery to treat bleeding on the brain, nerve damage and injuries to his legs. There is no doubt that he will live with a measure of fear for the rest of his life, certainly as long as Britain continues to harbour such terrorists. There is no doubt in my mind that the four extremists intended to kill Gary Smith, and I believe that the charge before them should have been one of attempted murder rather than the lesser charge of causing grievous bodily harm. Perhaps the Courts might even have meted out the sort of punishment that would have been served on such men in an Islamic country. If they had then the four would have been seeking the Garden of Paradise for the elusive virgins that they believed might be awaiting them for their service to the Moon god. As it is the two Hussein brothers were each given an indeterminate sentence, being told that they would serve a minimum of five years, whilst Rashid was told that he would be eligible for release after four years, following which he would released on a 5-year licence. German-born Alam would remain in a Young Offenders Institution for at least five years  before being released on a 5-year licence.

This attack should sound alarm bells in the minds of all right-thinking people, and in particular, those in positions of authority. These men had previously been suspected of terrorist involvement, sufficient enough for the security forces to bug their vehicle, yet they nevertheless managed to go on and commit an atrocity. The fact that there was only one direct victim does not lessen the atrocity in any way, for in some sense every person in the UK is affected by outrage such as this which brings the question of personal safety into question. So long as these  Islamic Fundamentalist extremists are allowed to freely live in the UK, even, in so many of the most extreme examples, being supported by the British tax-payer via the benefits system, then the safety of the public at large is at risk.

It's time for the government to send a clear and unequivocal message to these people that they are unwelcome to live in this country with their extremist ideas about conquering the world for Islam. Already there are increasing signs of the continued Islamification of Britain, and there are now enclaves where it is unsafe for non-Muslims to be as well as many courts who practise Sharia Law. We neither need nor want this in our land, and yet, if the government continue to pander to the voices of these extremists, no matter how they may disguise themselves as 'the voice of moderation', then the situation will worsen and with each new opportunity will further hep to realise the Islamic State that extremists such as these four men so zealously seek after.

In this instance the victim was Gary Smith, a popular  and enthusiastic teacher, but freedom, democracy and human rights are all victims as well. 

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