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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer, Praise and Worship.

What a wonderful God we have who allows us to communicate with Him through prayer and who will speak to us through the same medium. It is so important that we realise that prayer is the means that we have to plug into God's power-house. It's so easy when we have a time of prayer to focus upon ourselves and our needs and wants, and forget that true communication is a two-way thing. Just as it's wrong to talk at someone rather than to them, so the same applies when we are speaking to God in our times of prayer. It's good to speak with Him, but how good it is to listen to Him as well. His wisdom is far greater than ours could ever be, so it is far better to spend more time listening to Him than speaking to Him. In this manner our faith and depth of the knowledge of God will increase, and we will be blessed by it. All too often the focus of prayer turns out to be ourselves rather than God.

It's good to praise God, letting Him know how thankful we are for the abundance of His goodness towards us. We can raise our arms to heaven and sing His praises as often as we wish, for we can never praise Him too highly or too often. It has been said that when we praise our focus is upon the blessings that God brings into our lives rather than entirely upon God. This does not indicate that we should reduce our times of praise, but rather that we should learn to place our focus more upon God than what He does for us, focusing upon the Giver rather than the Gift.

Many people pray regularly, and many people praise regularly. For most Christians it is a daily matter to do both, and blessed are those who do it continually throughout their waking hours. The most important thing of all, however, is to worship God. To bow before Him in reverence and awe, to enjoy simply being in His presence and letting love flow from us to Him in a constant stream. There is so much more to knowing God than just knowing about Him, and we get to know Him in an intimate sense when we silently worship His majestic greatness.

If you met with an earthly king or queen would you fill their heads with your endless chatter? No, of course not! You would stand silently before them in awe, waiting upon the moment when they would speak to you, and then you would remember the moment for the rest of your life. How much more then, the need to bow your head in awe of the Living God as you wait to hear His quiet voice.

It's important that you spend time each day with God in prayer, and it's important that you spend time each day offering Him praise, but your entire life should be a life lived in worship of Him.

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