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Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Spirit of God' : New Hymn for Today

Spirit of God  88 88 88
TUNE: Melita
God’s Spirit comes from up above,
As we draw closer to His love;
For with our Lord we will conspire,
To fill us with the Spirit’s fire.
Hear sounds of mighty rushing wind,
The Spirit of our God has come.
We are enriched by God’s great pow’r,
To serve the Lord at ev’ry hour;
And we, with hearts so full aflame,
The saving grace of Christ proclaim.
So we, full of the Spirit’s grace,
Will serve Him in time and space.
We’ll tell about the Son of God,
And of the path on earth He trod;
Of how He cured the blind and lame,
And praise His glorious,  blesséd name.
Then, onward urged by God’s blest grace,
Point mankind to the Saviour’s face.
We’ll tell the world He’ll come again,
To take His own to be with Him;
A mansion up in heav’n above,
Prepared by Jesus through His love.
And we the Spirit will embrace,
Then serve the Lord blessed by God’s grace.
© 2011 : Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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