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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Portrait of a Zimbabwean murderer and a Zimbabwean thug

 This is the photograph of a mass-murderer. Look into his eyes and you will see the coldness that lies behind them. Robert Gabriel Mugabe: the man who cheated, lied, tortured, maimed and murdered his way into becoming the President of Zimbabwe, and then has continued to mete out the same treatment on his people in order to remain in the power-seat.  
The photograph above is a picture of one of the thugs employed by Mugabe to wok in his Central intelligence Organisation. His job was not a clerical position nor even a run-of-the-mill spy, for Philip Machemedze was employed to maim and torture those who dared to oppose Mugabe. In my opinion, I also believe that he would have murdered people as well.
Why is he in the news? Well, this man who has showed a total disregard for the human rights of his fellow Zimbabweans, has been granted asylum in the UK because, although he is an illegal immigrant, the Courts decided that to return him to Zimbabwe --- the country of his birth, where he tortured and maimed so many people --- would be a breach of his human rights. 
Just how sick can you get!

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