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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beautiful and Exotic Places to be Today . . .

There are more beautiful places in the world than anyone could possibly ever count, let alone visit, and I thought that I would share a few of them with you today.
I love the effect that water has on the psyche. It ranges from the peace and tranquility of a calm mill pond to the raging turbulence of a waterfall like the mighty Victoria Falls on the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Who has not marvelled at the mesmeric power of the rippling water over a few rocks in the river-bed at some time in their lives?
Of course, water is for swimming in and sailing upon, as well as looking at, and great pleasure can be found from a holiday in a wonderful place like the one above.
Mountains are another of my favourite scenes, always reminding me of the mountains of Wales where I used to live. 
Exotic places of our world
These peaks are awesome in their majesty!
Cader Idris, above, is found in Gwynedd, North Wales, and is one of the mountains of home.
No set of holiday photographs would be complete without a beach and palm trees growing in the silver sand.
Exotic places of our world
Ah well, the down is fast closing, but with the closing come a different sort of magic as the sun sets over the water.
Sunset over the mountain range provide a magical experience for those lucky enough to see it.
Back to the peace of the water as the reflections of the snow-capped mountains are illuminated at night.

1 comment:

JudyKate said...

I love mountains too - recently (January) went to the top of Table Mountain, South Africa - just awesome. Something about mountains that calm the soul :)

Did Snowdonia a two years ago - again awesome..