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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden's allies crawl out of the woodwork

It's worthwhile noting those individuals and organisations who are zealously condemning the killing of the terrorist Osama bin Laden in a United States raid in his stronghold in Abbottabad. Whilst it is no surprise to those of us who keep watch on these matters, the predictable reactions by known terrorist organizations ought to be deeply troubling for a host of Western diplomats who lately have been promoting the idea that the terrorist organisation, Hamas, is a suitable partner for peace negotiations.

In the meantime, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is agreeing to form a joint Palestinian government with a man who has just condemned the U.S. killing, describing bin Laden as an 'Arab holy warrior.' Should the mourner of bin Laden be recognized as a worthy partner for peace with Israel, or a potential leader of a new Arab state? Hamas insist that their intentions towards Israel, but I have to say that if you believe that then you are naive in the extreme, as they have a track record which proves their real intentions are to seek the total annihilation of Israel altogether.

It's high time that Western Governments stopped cosying up to these terrorists, all of which simply fuels their cause. The whole point of the Global Jihad to which bin Laden and the various other Islamic fanatics subscribe is to create and rule an Islamic world. To believe otherwise and show any form of support for the organisations involved is a very dangerous thing to do.

Western Governments, notably the US and UK, are pushing hard for a softer approach to the conditions required in order to enter into peace talks with the Taliban. Whilst that may sound noble enough, the reality is that the Taliban are part of the Global Jihad, and are not to be trusted. The Taliban leadership has already promised that their would be increased strikes in response to bin Laden's execution. A Taliban commander, named Qudos, allegedly told a reporter from UK based newspaper, 'The Guardian', that “Losing him will be very painful for the mujahideen, but the shahadat [martyrdom] of Osama will never stop the jihad,” 

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