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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Old Friend Leaving' : Dedicated to the late Paul Davis of New Christian Music.

A friend of mine who was a pioneer in the Christian Music Industry, Paul Davis, passed on to Glory last Friday, 6th May. He will be missed by folk from around the world. I wrote this poem many years ago after another friend passed away, and now today I dedicate it afresh to the memory of Paul, a true soldier of Christ.

Old Friend Leaving
Hello, can you still hear me?
I miss you, you with the words
soft spoken, and the friendly smile.
Half knowing that the days
for you were numbered,
didn’t help to ease the grief
I felt at your passing.
No longer brushing my lips
across your bristle-covered cheek,
or talking, as you sat
quite still, and yet so alive,
eyes sparkling as memories of
other days drifted back and forth.
My memories shout loudly at me now,
reminding me of you, and I know
somehow you still hear me, old friend.
© Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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