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Sunday, May 8, 2011

'Praise His Mighty Name!' : New Hymn for Today

Praise His Mighty Name!  6666
TUNE: Eccles (Luard-Selby)
He is the King of Kings,
He is the mighty Lord;
He is the Prince of Peace,
The everlasting Word.
He is the Lord of Lord’s,
He is God’s only Son;
He is the Way, the Life,
He is the only One.
The Lord came down to earth
The Saviour of mankind;
A child of virgin birth,
Gave sight to inward blind.
The deaf their hearing gained,
He gave the blind their sight;
He made lame men walk,
He is eternal Light.
Salvation now is yours
When Jesus you proclaim;
When you lift up your heart
And praise His mighty name!
© Colin Gordon-Farleigh, September 2011

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