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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Songs of Praise & Worship

Over the past nine months I have published a new hymn on this Blog virtually every day, the exception being a 3-day gap when my PC was playing up and the 8 days when I was away in the USA during March. All of these hymns and worship songs will eventually be available in a collection titled Songs of Praise & Worship which will be available from Voice Publications.

I'm often asked how I manage to write a new hymn every day, and the answer is that I do it only by the grace of God. I have been blessed with the task of being a messenger to bring to wider attention songs that speak of God's love and grace, and which praise Him in all things. It is a labour of love in two ways; firstly there is the fact that I love what I'm called to do and the opportunity to share the work with you, dear readers, and secondly --- and more importantly --- it demonstrates that God is reaching out in love to His creation in every possible way.

I often refer to myself as a mailman when it comes to speaking about this task, because I see myself as delivering messages in song that God sends by His Spirit. I guess that I'm the clerk whom He uses to write down the messages. All the glory for the work goes to God!

I hope that you enjoy receiving the songs and hymns each day, and that you use some of them in your worship of the Living God. More than that, as you sing them in praise to His glory I pray that you will be blessed by them.

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