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Friday, May 6, 2011

Enjoy this International Concert

      I thought that I would treat you all to an International Concert today, dear readers, so sit back, press the buttons, do the clicks, and enjoy this group of videos from amongst my Facebook friends.
      Here's a treat to start the Concert off. It's one of my Facebook friends, Annette Griffin, singing The Heart that Beats in Ireland, a great Irish song from a talented Irish singer.

      Once you have finished applauding Annette, here's another treat. The talented young singer Siobhan Owen, currently living in Australia, singing If I Were a Blackbird.

Another fabulous singer from Australia. Young and talented, Grace Bawden is destined for International stardom without doubt. There is a great deal of interest in her globally, and she is one of my favourite singers. Sit back and relax as Grace sings Colours.

UK singer, Jennifer Douglas, sings the beautiful song If Only I Had Wings written by that hit-making duo Greg Scheer and Colin Gordon-Farleigh

Another talented singer, this time from Wales. Samantha Link sings the classic song, I Dreamed a Dream. Sit back and enjoy as you let the song wash over you!

I couldn't possibly have a concert without including the singer whom I think of as 'The Queen of UK Country', the amazing Hayley Oliver. Here she sings a duet with her friend from the USA, Danna Moore. Enjoy them as they sing My Friend Across the Sea.

Well, there it is! A musical treat for you today which I hope you have enjoyed.

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